Happy Mac

A Dogs Tail-The Happiest Silent Labrador

A Dogs Tail.  My happy furbuddy.

My Labrador Mac is such a happy and friendly dog, his tail wags constantly. Not only does his tail wag his full back end wags. He very rarely barks, he is the happiest and quietest Labrador.

He is also the cutest and we are so blessed he is in our lives.

happy Mac

Love dogs


Myself and my husband and kids always wanted to have a dog. Work and busy lives made it impossible until my kids were older. We all felt it was right for us to rehome a dog, and we wanted to ensure we could provide the dog with the correct care for its size and breed. We did not have a particular breed in mind, we just knew we could give a dog a loving home.

Visiting shelters was both heartbreaking and humbling experiences. I have absolute admiration and respect for all involved in the care of dogs in shelters. In the end rehoming from a shelter was not an option for us due to the strict criteria around children visiting our home. Our nephew has additional needs, he was very young at the time and he was scared of dogs. We needed to ensure he would be comfortable in our home.

A friend mentioned in passing about a friend of a friend who needed a loving home for his Labrador as it was impossible for him to provide the correct care due to his work commitments. I saw a photo of the dog and immediately fell in love. We arranged to go meet the owner and dog without telling our kids, we didn’t want to get their hopes up!

Happy Mac

Meeting Mac

It was a Friday evening in January, we told our kids we were going food shopping. Typical teenagers gave us a grunt in reply and off we went.

Knocking on the door we were sure we had the wrong address as there was not a bark or sound to be heard, we thought this was a bit strange. We walked down the long hall behind the owner still thinking it was strange as there was no evidence of a dog. On walking into the front room this bouncing smiling and furiously tail-wagging Labrador greeted us. The happiest dog I ever seen! Still, no sound from him.

It was evident he was very well cared for, the owner was upset to rehome him but he knew he could no longer provide the correct care. He told us the dogs name was Mac, he was 2 years old and that he not a vocal dog. Barking was not his thing!

We left the house with Mac, both of us totally in love.

Bringing Mac Home

Arriving home with Mac, our teenagers were in exactly the same position we left them in! We asked them if they could help us bring in the shopping from the car, both of them became deaf all of a sudden! They continued to be glued to the T.V.

We brought Mac in through the back of the house into the kitchen. Absolutely no sign of distress in Mac, happy bouncy, and shaking his full back end and tail. The moment my kids saw him will stay with me forever. My daughter cried and cried, all the while Mac was nuzzling her and still shaking that cute back end.

We all sat on the kitchen floor for hours getting to know our dog, we decided to keep his name, Mac.

Happy Mac

Quiet Mac

We had Mac for months before we heard him bark! I had wondered if he was deaf and that’s why he made no sound but this wasn’t the case.

My husband and I were on a long walk with Mac. We were walking through large fields one day and ahead there were cows grazing to the left, there was a long raised narrow wooden path over the marshland. As we approached the cows were moving nearer to this path, I was getting a bit concerned and frightened. One of the cows made its way onto the path just as we started to walk on it. Mac let out one loud bark! not only did the cow get a fright and quickly move away, myself and my husband were amazed he barked, and that he barked appropriately. Still, to this day I tell everyone who will listen that Mac saved my life.

Mac has been part of our family for 5 years, like any dog owner we could not imagine life without him. Some members of our family have never heard him bark at all. Once in 5 years I heard him have 3 consecutive barks, that was as big a shock to him as it was to me.


 Happy Mac

He is such a happy dog at all times, he has an infectious smile ( he really does smile) you cannot help but feel happy around him. He is such a sociable dog, he greets everyone and everything with such happiness and affection. He wants to play with every dog he sees, sometimes to his detriment! Mac was once attacked by 3 dogs, a truly awful experience for my daughter who was with him. But it has made no difference to his nature, the only breed of dog he is wary around is Jack Russell.

Due to his amazing nature he is now registered as a therapy dog. On his visits to a care home for the elderly he furiously wags that tail, smiles at everyone, and thoroughly enjoys being petted. He appears to sense the emotions and abilities of the people around him.

Our nephew, was very wary when he first met Mac. He was frightened of dogs, he still is to this day. Thankfully though he quickly became comfortable around Mac and they are now great friends.


Happiest Friendliest Furbuddy

We live in a small village, everyone knows his name and stops to pet him on our walks, he is also one of the favourite visitors in our local pub.

He continues to furiously wag that tail, smile, shake his behind and be happy all day every day.

Mac     Mac Mac


Hope you enjoyed Macs story, feel free to leave a comment or a photo of your own furbuddy.


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