About My happy furbuddy

My happy furbuddy


Hi everyone and welcome to my website. My website is all about my dog Mac, I hope you enjoy looking at his photos and reading all about him. I am Michelle the proud mum of Mac, he is a 7-year old golden Labrador. He is such a happy and loving dog, and his happiness is infectious. 




Mac came to us when he was 2 years old, his previous owner hit some hard times and he could not give Mac the life he deserved. Thankfully Mac settled with us immediately, and everyone fell in love with him.  As a family we always wanted a dog but full-time work and after school activities meant we did not have the time needed to dedicate to caring for a dog.

On a cold January night my husband and I told our teenage kids we were going food shopping (a lie). We came home with Mac. The memory of their reaction will stay with me forever. As a family we spent the whole evening sitting on the kitchen floor getting to know Mac. We quickly discovered how happy and loving he is.

I love having Mac in my life and I have learned so much about dogs and their love and loyalty since meeting him.


happy dog


Therapy dog

As he is such a loving and happy dog I was sure he would be a fantastic therapy dog.

He was accepted as a therapy dog last year. We regularly visit our local elderly care home, he is very popular there with residents and staff. He has such a smiley handsome face and a really soft furry coat, everyone loves a cuddle with him. It is a lovely experience to visit there and see the joy on the faces of the residents. Mac loves the attention and loves getting his ears stroked.

happy dog

He truly is an angel without wings

Dogs are on this earth such a short time they deserve to have all the love in the world, their love for us has no boundaries. Studies show dogs are beneficial for our mental and physical health, I truly believe this is the case. Even a picture of a dog can put a smile on my face.

A lovely pictorial book aimed at children.

Have a look around the site, feel free to share in respect of your own furbuddy I would love to hear it.

All the best,


Macs mum

founder of My happy furbuddy