Burns Dog Food-Alert Chicken & Rice

Product    Burns Dog Food Alert Chicken & Rice

Price        £10 – £40

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My rating  10/10

Burns Dog Food Alert Chicken & Rice Overview

I switched to this food a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a well respected professional dog trainer. She was a big advocate of this food for a couple of reasons. The main reason being the health benefits as there are no artificial colours or additives. Burns use organic brown rice and source free-range meat from Wales whenever possible. They avoid using beef, wheat, and dairy as they are the most common allergens for pets.



My golden lab Mac has such a sweet nature so much so he was accepted without issue as a therapy dog. When I told the dog trainer he was accepted she informed me this food is perfect for therapy dogs as it has been specially formulated for assistance dogs. Assistance dogs are expected to perform tasks and are required to remain calm at all times.


Mac could be a hyper at times as most Labradors are. But after my conversation with the dog trainer, I had a look at the ingredients of the brand of dry food I was feeding him. To be honest when choosing that particular food I chose it because in large bold writing it stated no artificial colours or additives and although this was true there was quite a high sugar content that I was not aware of.

I did a bit of research and found there was no added sugar or any other nasty ingredients in Burns Dog Food-Alert Chicken & Rice.

Below is a list of the ingredients

Brown Rice (Min 63%), Chicken Meal (Min 20%), Oats, Peas, Fish Oil, Chicken Oil, Minerals & Vitamins, Seaweed, Chicken Liver, Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract.

Alert/Assistance range is also available in Liver & Brown Rice







Salmon oil, vitamins, and the minerals added to the alert range is said to be perfect for the dogs that are required to be alert and attentive.

Burns also have a varied range of types of food. Age-appropriate and suitable for dogs with particular dietary needs.

  • Puppy
  • Adult
  • Senior
  • Working
  • Weight control


The difference in Mac was immediate

His nature never changed but he was definitely calmer. I also noticed a big difference with his digestion, he definitely was not the smelly bottom burper we all knew and loved!

The food is much lighter in consistency to other dry food. I assume this is due to having no bulking agents added. I gave Mac the recommended portion for his size and breed, the portions looked quite small but I think this may be due to the lighter consistency.

Mac was a bit overweight when starting on this food, even though I did not overfeed him and he had plenty of exercise. After a week or so he was a much healthier weight.

Mac weighs around 32kgs. A 12kg bag lasts for around 6 weeks. This works out to cost around £1 a day, great value for money.

I have rated this food 10/10 as it ticks all the boxes for me, I also believe this food has helped Macs coat and has reduced molting.

It is also very convenient getting it delivered straight to your door.

I recommended this product to a fellow Labrador owner I met on a walk one day, her dog was younger than Mac adorable and very hyper. She started using this food too, and shortly after informed me her adorable lab was less hyper and less smelly.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If you have any questions or want to leave your own review feel free to leave a comment below.

Macs mum


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  1. Hey,
    Thank you very much for this article. I didn’t know that there are organic dog food. Do they also have one for cats?
    I heard that there are negative side effects in normal dogs food such as kidney issues. So this is indeed a great alternative.
    Thank you.

  2. Excellent article. I have two dogs, both golden retrievers, and I am always researching the best foods for them, as I want them to be around when I’m old and gray (I’m in my 20s now. LOL). I definitely agree that organic foods are much healthier and provide many more long-term benefits than your typical meat products do, and, given the benefits, the cost is completely reasonable. I have saved your page and will definitely invest in Burns products! God bless you!


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