The Best Way To Love Our Furbuddys

happy macDog love is definitely the best love. These amazing animals love to give love and to be loved. They are loyal and so very very cute, a valued member of the family. It may be true to say some people prefer their dogs to their human family. We are our dogs world, their loyalty knows no bounds and they love unconditionally.

There’s no denying there is a financial cost to caring for a dog, so it is a good idea to ensure you can financially commit before getting your fur baby.

Let’s break down the best way to give your dog with the love and care they deserve.

Love them as much as they love you

It goes without saying that food, water and an outside space are the absolute basic needs of any dog, but there are many ways to express love to your dog. Interaction, play and exercise are probably your dogs favourite things in life. Just like us humans they flourish when loved. Most dogs will love to have a cuddle and some play from as many of the family as possible. They are very intuitive beings. They appear to sense the need and mood of us humans, they always seem to know when if an extra cuddle is needed. Somehow they always seem to know when someone is due home!
Some are great guard dogs and others are far too laid back to care. Some dogs love to bark while others only bark when they really need to. No matter the personality if you love dogs, you love dogs.happy Mac


Basic needs

Registering with a vet is 1st port of call for any dog owner. Very important to ensure they receive all vaccinations, boosters and health checks. Also, have your dog micro chipped, this is law in UK. There are lots of information out there about how to care for particular breeds of dogs, very helpful if you are a 1st time pet owner. Even a seasoned owner may reach out for some help at some point of their dogs life. Ultimately each owner should get to know their dogs, as they have their own personalities just like us humans do.



Dry food, wet food, raw food. The list goes on. There a few things to consider when deciding on which types of food give to your dog. Breed, size, weight and even temperament are factors. Good idea to do your research on food choices. There is a vast amount of varieties which contain bulking agents, colours and other additives. Thankfully there is also a vast amount of varieties that have natural ingredients. There are also foods available for working dogs such as assistance dogs that are manufactured in a way to prevent hyper behaviour.

Also, the amount of food depends on the breed and size of your dog. And also the amount of daily exercise. Best to keep treats to a minimum. Difficult not to give too many treats as they are so adorable but an overweight dog will develop all sorts of health issues so it is good to be mindful of their weight.happy Mac


Training and fun

A happy dog, a happy owner and a happy household, require a good training regime for your furbuddy. No denying it can take time and is repetitive, but the benefits to the dog, owner and household are immeasurable. Training methods can vary and training is also a good way to have bonding sessions with your dog, they love to please us and they love to hear our positive tone when they have achieved the goal. Toilet training can be challenging but worth the time and effort, again plenty help out there if issues arise. Some owners have the knowledge and skills and others may prefer to seek help from a professional trainer. There are usually puppy training classes available within local communities, this is usually a paid service but it’s a good way to socialize your dog and get help and tips at the same time. Most dogs relish in learning new tricks, and for some mental stimulation is as good as exercise.

Exercise and grooming

Dogs love to get outside, they love nothing more than sniffing and discovering different scents. Some dogs love to interact with other dogs and some like to interact with people, a couple of daily walks will stimulate your dog as well. There are so many products available to help exercise your dog, like the ball thrower, great if you have not much power in your arms for repetitive throwing! Doggy play dates are another valuable way of exercising your pooch.

Grooming is also an important part of caring for your dog. This can be costly depending on the breed of dog, so it’s definitely a point to consider before deciding to go ahead and get a dog. Some dogs need to be professionally groomed on a regular basis to keep their coats healthy and tangle free, while other dogs can be bathed/showered at home. Also, their teeth and nails should be checked regularly, some vets offer a clinic for such issues. Don’t forget their ears, again depending on the breed and if the dog likes to swim in any water they find! Ear mites can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. These points


Ensure there is 100% commitment before taking on the responsibility of having a dog, if possible re home. So many dogs in shelters due to owners not realising the care dogs need. Unfortunately dogs are not with us for as long as we would like. So enjoy every second of giving them the best life they deserve.


Dogs truly are angels without wings

Our furbuddies love and affection can have an enormous impact on us humans. There is no better feeling than being greeted by a wagging tail or stroking the fur of our pooches. No matter if we are away for 10 minutes or ten hours, dogs usually have the same enthusiastic and lovely greeting. Dogs enrich our lives with an abundance of love and loyalty. They truly are our best friends.

All dogs are therapy dogs.happy Mac



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  1. Your baby is so precious! I’ve had two yellow labs and they were so special to us. I now have three fur babies…two are rescues and the other is re-homed. You’re so right about taking care of their basic needs being part of their happiness. They rely on us for everything and appreciate the time and energy we spend on them. Earlier today one of then came back inside muddy and was wagging his tail while I cleaned off his paws. I couldn’t help but laugh at how happy he was to be receiving this attention.


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